IE’s declining dominance, Orkut leads in Brazil, UK broadband competition

StatCounter browser statistics Sept 2010

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer may still be the dominant browser on the market, but there are signs its crown is slipping ever so slightly as younger, quicker rivals eye the throne.

In September IE’s global market share fell below 50% for the first time, while Firefox and Chrome saw slight uplifts in their shares of 31.5% and 11.5%, according to StatCounter.

But it would be wrong to write off IE just yet – the browser may have fallen by more than 8% over the last 12 months, but it still commands 49.9% of the market.

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Facebook may have half a billion users but across the globe its market penetration can be patchy, often as a result of a tenacious local network such as Germany’s studiVZ or – in the case of key ’emerging market’ Brazil – Google’s Orkut.

Google’s social network hasn’t exactly set the public imagination on fire in most places, but it is big in India and also it would seem Brazil, where comScore say it attracted 36 million unique visitors in August, pushing Zuckerberg’s network into third place.

But Brazilians are increasingly attracted to Facebook’s charms – the same comScore statistics show a five-fold increase in the social network’s audience over the last year, growth that sees it increasingly gaining on second placed network Windows Live.

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High speed broadband may be digital oxygen, but UK communities that want their computers to breath more easily (see what I did there?) will have to mobilise their voting power.

BT has launched the Race to Infinity survey to gauge enthusiasm for super-fast fibre optic broadband, promising to wire up the five exchanges showing the highest demand for the service by 2012.

But the BT still has to play-nice with other internet suppliers after Ofcom ruled the company will have to share its infrastructure with firms like Talk Talk and Sky.

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FoundTwitter trends generator (via @angel189)


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