Google lobbying, kids and the internet, Facebook Friendship

The Connected KingdomWe all know politicians are under pressure to cut spending, but the internet’s importance to the UK economy is such that the government should continue to protect money for things like improving broadband services.

That’s the blunt message from the Google-commissioned Connected Kingdom report, which has worked out that the UK has the world’s largest per capita e-commerce market, contributing £100 billion (7.2% of GDP) to the country’s economy.

Hammering their point home somewhat, Google and report authors Boston Consulting Group say they hope to provide “context” for the government to make “better and more informed” policy decisions.

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It’ll be no surprise to many parents that their kids are increasingly quick to learn Google is a verb, Penguins form clubs and the internet has Star Wars games – but now there’s official confirmation that children are getting online younger than ever before.

European Commission funded research has found that on average children first start using the internet at the age of seven – around the same time they move from infants to juniors at primary school.

The EU Kids Online survey, which involved more than 23,000 children, found children go online the earliest in the Nordic countries, Estonia, the Netherlands and the UK, and later in Austria, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Romania.

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Facebook has either just launched the ultimate stalker’s tool or the kind of “magical experience” that can only occur when two people’s shared photos and posts are brought together in one handy place for others to see.

The site’s new Friendship Pages will include public Wall posts and comments between two friends, photos in which both are tagged and events they RSVP’d for, and will be accessible if you’re friends with one of the two and their privacy settings allow you to view both profiles.

Thankfully, of course, there is need need to be concerned about the company’s privacy policy, lobbying record, the actions of third-party apps or the site’s wireless security.

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Found: Halloween-themed social media campaigns (via Econsultancy’s @lakey)


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