India’s 3G network, Google privacy, Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere

Diwali lights

Photo by m4r00n3d on Flickr. Some rights reserved

What better time to launch a new mobile service than during the symbolic victory of good over evil. So it was that as India celebrated Diwali on Friday the festival of lights also marked the launch of the country’s first private 3G service.

In doing so Tata Teleservices entered an area until now the province of just two state-owned operators, and the firm will soon be joined by Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar in offering private 3G services.

It is hoped the expansion of not just the phone network but also the country’s wireless broadband services will help bridge India’s digital divide and lift its low level of broadband access.

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Sometimes people can be so hard to please. Do they thank Google for shaving five whole seconds off their search times or trying the speed up the whole freaking internet? No, they moan about privacy.

By they, of course, I mean the UK’s information commissioner, who this week said Street View’s collection of Wifi data breached data protection laws, and the 250,000 Germans who want their properties pixellated in Google’s Street View.

And then there are those in the US who signed up to a class action lawsuit against the company after the botched launched earlier this year of Google Buzz, which resides within its email program. This week Google was forced to contact all US Gmail users as part of a settlement that included $8.5 million for ‘privacy education’.

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The average blogger is male, aged 18-44, has an above average education, three or more blogs on the go, updates their blogs two to three times a week and has been blogging for two or more years.

That’s according to Technorati, whose 2010 State of the Blogosphere report came out on Wednesday. They surveyed 7,200 bloggers, grouping them into hobbyists blogging for fun (65% of respondents), part-timers blogging to supplement their income (13%), corporates blogging full-time for an institution (1%) and self-employeds who blog for their own business or whose blog is their business (21%).

Two thirds of bloggers may be men, but the report found the influence of women and ‘mom bloggers’ on the blogosphere and brands has never been higher. It also highlighted the growth of mobile blogging as a key emerging trend, with the use of smartphones and tablets encouraging shorter more spontaneous posts.

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