The iPad second coming, Android apps, Facebook privacy (again)

Apple iPad2 launchThe second coming of Apple’s iPad looks set to continue the company’s lead in the tablet market it re-energised and dominates, at least for now.

Unveiling the iPad 2 this week Apple chief executive Steve Jobs had some impressive numbers to boast of, including 15 million iPads sold in just nine months, and he must have had no small amount of satisfaction noting that’s more than every tablet PC Microsoft ever sold.

Summing up Apple’s current market-leading position Sarah Rotman Epps said – with understatement, “Apple understands desire”. However, “the tablet wars are far from over” the Forrester analyst added, suggesting serious competition may yet come form Sony, Microsoft or even a ‘disruptor’ candidate like Amazon (see below).

– – – – –

The safety of using apps found on Google’s Android market has been called into question after 50 apps were found to be infected with malware.

The company quickly pulled the dodgy apps, which included undoubted classics like ‘Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls’, but the news highlighted the inherent risks of Android’s open app platform (compared to Apple’s control freak approach).

This situation is set to change when a heavyweight e-commerce backer for Google’s operating system comes online. Amazon is reportedly poised to open an Android app store of its own, and promises to check each one before putting it on sale.

– – – – –

What details would you trust Facebook with? Your home address? Your telephone number? Amazingly this isn’t a rhetorical question.

The social network is set to share address and mobile phone numbers with the apps people use on the site, albeit only if users give permission, according to a report on The Guardian.

The development could see Facebook’s apparent competition with Google for who can generate the most privacy complaints move up a gear – unless users are too preoccupied by the time black hole that is Angry Birds, which is due to hit Facebook in a newly social version.


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