Twitter is five, IE9 launches, endangered languages

The first ever tweetIt started, with a tweet. And in five years Twitter has gone from “inviting coworkers” to a non-stop ‘fire hose’ sending 140 million messages every day.

460,000 new accounts are created daily and it plays a part in revolutions, emergencies and even meltdowns among deluded celebrities who believe they’re “winning”.

But despite the undeniably impressive numbers Twitter released to celebrate its first five years, for now the site is still little brother to Facebook’s Big Brother.

– – – – –

Microsoft has launched the latest version of Internet Explorer promising greater security, privacy and speed – particularly against upstarts like Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft also says IE9 will actually make the internet look better, and they’ve got a website to prove it – Beauty Of The Web – so it must be true.

The company needs IE9 to shore up its stock among users. Explorer is on course to lose its title of the world’s most popular browser, and its shrinking market share has already seen it allow Firefox to take pole position in Europe.

– – – – –

The web may once again come to the aid of endangered languages if a new website to help build online language communities through Twitter takes off.

“More and more language groups are turning to the web as a tool for language revitalisation, and as a result there are now thousands of people blogging and using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in their native language,” Saint Louis University’s director of computer science Kevin Scannell notes in a blog post.

He hopes will make it easier for speakers of indigenous and minority languages to find each other in the vast sea of English, French, Spanish, and other global languages that dominate Twitter.


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