Google gives you +1 more work with little reward

Google is to launch its own version of the Facebook Like button.

Google +1 will let you “share recommendations with the world” in search results, but why you would want to do this is anyone’s guess.

Although positioned as helping users find the most relevant results – and surely that’s Google’s job, not mine – it’s website owners that will have to consider this most closely.

Google says it will use +1s as “one of many signals” that go into the way it calculates organic search rankings.

Initially +1s – and I already hate having to type that – will only show on pages of search results, but +1 buttons for websites will be available in the future too.

To use +1 you need a Google profile – and then have to upgrade it to an enhanced Google profile.

You’ll also need to be logged into your Google account so Google knows who should see your recommendations and whose recommendations you, in turn, should see.

Finally, you’ll have to consider whether you want all of your Google contacts to see everything you +1.

Google will start rolling out +1’s in English on shortly.



  1. #1 by Hayley on April 5, 2011 - 12:02 pm

    Agree – I can’t quite see the point at the moment, I don’t think Facebook is quaking in its boots quite yet…

  1. Google +1 Plus One For Your website to increase Traffic : Ranjith Siji – Programming the Web

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