LinkedIn membership, Microsoft’s search complaint, Moshi Monsters

LinkedIn membership numbers 2011LinkedIn now has 100 million members and is picking up a million new ones every week, according to new figures from the professional social network.

Keen to emphasise its global reach, LinkedIn says more than half of its users (some 56 million) come from outside the US.

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Microsoft is filing an anti-competition complaint against Google in Europe. The company claims Google is impeding competition in a number of ways, including by not letting Microsoft’s Windows Phones or its search engine Bing access Google-owned YouTube properly.

In a blog post that details its complaint and notes the irony of its action, Microsoft also gets to the crux of its concern with the European search market.

“By the European Commission’s own reckoning, Google has about 95% of the search market in Europe. This contrasts with the United States, where Microsoft serves about a quarter of Americans’ search needs either directly through Bing or through our partnership with Yahoo!,” said Microsoft’s General Counsel Brad Smith.

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UK kids social networking site Moshi Monsters plans to launch an iPlayer-style online television service, The Guardian reports.

The website started in 2008 and has nearly 38 million registered users mainly aged between six and 11 who adopt monsters, play games and communicate with each other.

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