The Netherlands – a world leader on Twitter and LinkedIn

A new Comscore study of social networking in The Netherlands shows the country to have a unique place in the online world.

For a start it ranks number one around the globe for use of Twitter and Linkedin – each of the two sites attracts more than one in four Dutch Internet users during the course of the month.

What’s curious about this dual position is that while the top ten countries for Linkedin penetration are either English-speaking or in Western Europe, the top countries for Twitter are much more diverse – after The Netherlands come Japan, Brazil, Indonesia and Venezuela. (See the lists below for the full run down.)

Another interesting aspect of the country’s social networking landscape is that the top site is not Facebook, but the homegrown alternative Hyves. This puts the country on a par with Poland and Russia – the only other places in Europe to prefer local networks to Facebook.

This position won’t last for long, at least not in The Netherlands. Hyves’ year-on-year growth to March 2011 slipped by 1% to 7.7 million total unique visitors, while increased by a whopping 76% to 6.6 million.

Behind those two in the top 5 social networking sites in The Netherlands are (3.2 million total unique visitors in March 2011), (3.1 million) and Windows Live Profile (2.8 million).

Top 10 countries for (% reach* in March 2011)

1. The Netherlands 26.1%

2. Ireland 21.0%

3. United States 17.6%

4. Canada 15.6%

5. United Kingdom 14.9%

6. Denmark 14.4%

7. Australia 13.1%

8. New Zealand 12.9%

9. Belgium 12.6%

10. Singapore 12.0%

Top 10 countries for (% reach* in March 2011)

1. The Netherlands 26.8%

2. Japan 26.6%

3. Brazil 23.7%

4. Indonesia 22.0%

5. Venezuela 21.0%

6. Canada 18.0%

7. Argentina 18.0%

8. Turkey 16.6%

9. Philippines 16.1%

10. Singapore 16.0%

*Comscore’s ‘reach’ is the percentage of the total Internet population that visited a particular site at least once in the time period

More information on the figures can be found here.


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