Apple: over 15 billion apps downloaded

Apple iTunes App StoreDownloads from Apple’s App Store have passed 15 billion, according to the latest figures for the company’s mobile devices and apps.

Strip out the hyperbole – and ‘exciting’, ‘amazing’, ‘successful’, ‘coolest’ and ‘incredible’ all feature in the short press release – and the rest of the figures show:

• More than 200 million iPhones, iPad and iPod touch devices have been sold worldwide

• More than 425,000 iOS apps are now available from the App Store, including over 100,000 native apps for the iPad (a device that’s just over a year old)

Meanwhile, apps for Apple’s biggest rival lag behind, for now. Last month Google announced that more than 4.5 billion Android apps in total have been downloaded. It trails too when it comes to the number of apps, with 200,000 Android apps currently available.


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