LinkedIn loses access to the firehose

Now that Twitter has tightened up its partnership policy to provide a ‘consistent experience‘ has it inadvertently done users of LinkedIn a favour?

Duplicating content across multiple networks, in the same form is a little tiresome after a while and automatic posting of tweets to users’ LinkedIn profiles have amplified noise on the social network but do little to socialise it.

Certainly it has added the appearance of vibrancy to LinkedIn, and more so than the headlines on LinkedIn Today, but ultimately a social network is better served by being a distinct network in its own right and not one that’s a conduit for another’s content.

In this respect it’s the complete opposite of Facebook which manages to successfully adopt a magpie approach to other social sites, copying the latest shiny location application or buying in the top photo sharing site as it goes along.

As a community LinkedIn users would be better served by seeing posts that are intended only for them and in this respect the changing of Twitter’s policy has done them a favour.

Meanwhile, for LinkedIn there is the unlikely hope it can increase the number of people coming to its site to use the LinkedIn-to-Twitter channel that remains open for duplicate posting to “initiate the conversation”.


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