Twitter’s ‘2,000 following’ rule

I like to follow a lot of people on Twitter. It seems the best way to listen effectively, and of course helps with building up your own followers.

But the PMLiVE Twitter account @tmeek87 and I run has not been able to follow anyone new for a few months because of a Twitter rule that caps the number of accounts you can follow at 2,000 until you attract an unspecified number of followers.

It’s called ‘aggressive following‘ apparently, and not a good thing in Twitter’s eyes. 

That’s all well and good when it comes to accounts that follow 2,000 people and have single-digit follower numbers, but it’s enforced rather rigidly.

Not until we attracted somewhere in the region of 1,900+ followers was the following block lifted, giving us the chance to follow more people back.

Of course, social media is not just about the numbers, certainly not the obvious ones.

But I still take a certain amount of pleasure in seeing our @pmlivecom account grow from around 740 followers when I joined the company last year to over 2,050.

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