Feedly as a Google Reader alternative

Google Reader RSS alternativesIn the first 48 hours since the recent announcement from Google that it would close its Google Reader service on 1 July Feedly claims more than 500,000 users of the suddenly-doomed RSS reader signed up to its service.

It would certainly account for the occasional slowness of the Feedly app, though it seems pretty much back to normal now.

Having found Feedly earlier this year in a bid to make it easier to access my Google Reader subscriptions I may inadvertently have found its replacement.

I’d already dismissed Summly (complicated, not intuitive – though clearly lucrative), Taptu (‘DJ your news’ … seriously!) and. for my work feeds at least, Flipboard (though it has a lovely interface).

Now, with Feedly promising seamless migration once Google Reader is shut off, I already have my leading candidate for a replacement. Not that there’s any shortage of tools, all suddenly vying for attention – even WordPress, which of course this blog is hosted by.

Given that journalists and bloggers are among Google Reader’s heaviest users there’s no shortage of commentary on the impending demise of the service.

There’s a nice overview of Feedly, and RSS in general, by Irish rheumatologist and social media enthusiast Dr Ronan Kavanagh here, the Guardian’s John Naughton takes the Google Reader situation as a warning against over-reliance on free services and Lifehacker has five alternatives to Google Reader,


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