This blogging business

The Business of Blogging, a series of essays introduced and compiled by Stephen Waddington

If proof were needed that blogging continues to be an important part of the media landscape you only need to look back a month.

The revelation of alleged SAS involvement in the 1984 Amritsar massacre provoked a Whitehall investigation after it hit the headlines, but the news was first broken by a blogger.

Coincidentally the story was published by the Stop Deportations blog on the same day the BBC’s director of news and current affairs James Harding noted:

Tomorrow’s Watergate story might well break on a blog, a tweet or a Facebook page … For digital technologies have changed not only the delivery of news, but the sources for it, too.

In the world of business, blogging too continues to have an impact, long after you might have expected it to have been Facebooked or Twittered into irrelevance.

The medium’s longevity, utility and even, in a corporate setting, ubiquity are some of the standout points in The Business of Blogging, an excellent series of essays that you can view above, or directly on Slideshare from where it can also be freely downloaded.



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