Do you want to make sense of data?

From leaks to mis-communicated projects to much-discussed ideas, data is rarely out of the news at the moment.

Against this backdrop Google has set up new online course, Making Sense of Data, that it says is “intended for anyone who wants to learn more about how to structure, visualise, and manipulate data”.

As the above video notes:

You’ll be introduced to tools and techniques to easily prepare, analyse and apply data to practical problems. You will learn about the basics of data and data analysis using Fusion Tables.

You just need to know what story you’re trying to tell and what questions you’re trying to answer.

The free course is also a chance for Google to expose its Fusion online data tool to a wider audience and here it picks out students, teachers, small business owners and – piquing my interest –  journalists. (Coincidentally, there’s an interesting post on Wishful Thinking in Medical Education today about why we need data literate journalists.)  

Optimistically I’ve signed myself up for Making Sense of Data to see what it has to offer – just in case the kids don’t keep me busy enough. If nothing else it’s an excuse to finish this on a song.



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