Exit #music


In a move more likely to provoke a shrug of our collective shoulders than a lament for its passing, Twitter has decided to axe its #Music service.

Centred around a mobile app that was meant to help users discover new music and artists based on tweets, #Music was given a big launch last year for iOS devices.

But the service never even made it to Android before Friday’s announcement of its impending closure.

It’s not as if we didn’t see this coming of course. The service seemed pretty much dead-on-arrival when it came to any sort of utility for music fans.

But as well as an indication of Twitter’s hubris, the failure of #Music to catch on also underlines the difficulty of getting music discovery right.

It’s an area of digital music where there’s no shortage of services but, as Spotify’s recent acquisition of The Echo Nest indicates, even the bigger players have yet to get it right.


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