The new market reality, multichannel marketing and pharma’s biggest brands

PME Pharmaceutical Market Europe April 2014Closing an issue of the magazine the day your youngest son wakes at 4am with growing pains and can’t get back to sleep is not necessarily to be recommended, but we got there in the end and put together another good looking issue.

This month’s PME (Pharmaceutical Market Europe) features an exclusive interview with MSD’s president, Europe and Canada Bruno Strigini on pharma’s new market reality.

We also spoke with Janssen’s company group chairman responsible for the EMEA region Jane Griffiths and EFPIA’s chairman Richard Bergstrom on how they would like the industry to be seen.

Other highlights this month include a look at the ‘competency trap’ by Professor Brian Smith and thoughts from the likes of Roche, MSD and Biogen Idec on multichannel marketing.

There’s also more from our exclusive PMLiVE Top Pharma List rankings, which this month adds a list of pharma’s biggest selling brands.

• The April 2014 issue of PME is out this week and available to view online now, ahead of print copies hitting desks in a few days


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