Twitter supersizes profiles with new design

Twitter new profile Pharmaceutical Market Europe PME

I tend to forget exists as a destination website, so heavily embedded in my daily routine is my mobile, Hootsuite-enabled use of the social network.

But the website is hitting the news today thanks the updated profile designs it’s started to roll out.

Joining the likes of Twitter Gilberto Gil (@gilbertogil) and US first lady Michelle Obama (@flotus) the PMLiVE Twitter account that I help run is among the first batch of users to receive the new profile design.

Twitter old profile design Dominic TyerAs you can see it’s bigger and bolder than the older version, with larger profile pictures and a large full-width header. It’s also easier to filter an account’s photos and videos (along with a stream of its tweets and replies).

The big is better approach extends to individual tweets, which appear larger if they have more “engagement”, such as if they’ve been re-tweeted or favourited.

Finally there’s also the option to ‘pin’ a tweet to the top of your profile page, as you might with a blog post or on a page on … Facebook. And although the new design’s similarity to The Social Network hasn’t exactly escaped users, the reaction on Twitter – if #newprofiles is anything to go by – currently seems broadly supportive of the new supersized design.

New users of Twitter will automatically receive the new profile design, everyone else will receive it over the next few weeks.

But whether it will be, as Twitter suggests in a blog, “even easier (and … more fun) to express yourself through a new and improved web profile” remains to be seen.


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