Twitter tries a new approach to music

Pitchfork Twitter Audio Card Sleater-Kinney podcastSome seven months after killing off its short-lived #Music initiative Twitter is having another go at more closely integrating itself into the digital music ecosystem.

The social network’s recently launched Audio Cards allow users to listen to songs, podcasts and other audio recordings directly in their timeline – though, for the time being, only if they come from SoundCloud.

Although it works to some extent within on a desktop/laptop, the initiative is explicitly ‘mobile first’. On iOS and Android mobile devices a single tap of an Audio Card lets you listen to the recording directly in your timeline.

Taking a leaf out of YouTube’s mobile app, Audio Cards can be minimised (or “docked”) and will keep playing while you browse your timeline.

So far it’s a little buggy (opening a link in your timeline, at least in the iOS version, ends the Audio Card) and it presupposes Twitter users use Twitter’s own app and not a third party one like Hootsuite.

It’s also unlikely to have the reach of Twitter’s recent vote-with-a-tweet MOBO Award tie-up, but it does have a reasonable list of ‘creators’ – whose rather eclectic ranks currently include @pitchfork, @ThatKevinSmith, @NASA and @sigurros – and looks set to add more audio services in time.

If it can do that then, after its grandstanding #Music failure, maybe Twitter can cultivate its music credentials.

Finally, given they’re the subject of the Pitchfork podcast shown at the top of this post, it’s a good opportunity to revisit this Sleater-Kiney track from their 2006 album The Woods.


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