Med comms, European pharma …. and sandcastles


July was always going to be busy, but August too seems to have flown by thanks to holidays, holiday cover and some interesting projects that have come my way.

So, there’s just time for a quick July-August post on the last couple of months, which began in traditional style with the 19th Communiqué Awards in London on July 7. You can see the full results here and register interest for next year’s awards here.

Communiqué directory 38 2016In fact, work has already begun on the 2017 Communiqué Awards and I was very grateful to those of our digital judges that were able to provide expert input recently as we began shaping next year’s Excellence in Digital Communications categories.

After the Awards came Volume 38 of the Communiqué directory, which this time around lists over 370 healthcare communications agencies, along with all the Communiqué winners, highly commendeds and finalists.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe PME July August 2016Then, of course, there was the July/August edition of PME, whose highlights included a fascinating chat with HBA Europe’s Claudia Graeve and Kathrin Schoenborn-Sobolweski on their group’s efforts to further women’s advancement in healthcare.

There was also an extended look at how brand teams  can bring more value to their customers, with an article by AstraZeneca and Strategic North, and we heard from European Generics Medicines Association chair Carol Lynch on whether biosimilars can live up to the hype.

That just about brings me up to date, though – with the team hard at work on PME‘s imminent September issue – there will be more to share soon.


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