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PME Pharmaceutical Market Europe January 2017

As PME‘s first issue of the year comes out the European pharmaceutical industry goes into 2017 steeling itself for the start of Brexit, with plenty of words already devoted to what we don’t know about the implications of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.

This year should see the phony war end and hostilities begin in earnest when the UK formally triggers Article 50 and commences the official process of withdrawing from the EU.

Regulatory stability will be key for the industry, but as far as the EMA is concerned ‘wait and see’ continues to be the order of the day.

The European regulator has been carrying impact assessments ‘to identify the main risks and propose possible mitigating measures’ so that it can continue to protect public health, its management board was told just before Christmas.

However, you can’t help wondering if there is a lack of urgency when the Agency talks about the UK’s ‘possible’ exit from the EU.

And, of course, Brexit won’t be the only challenge for pharma this year. From the new administration in the US, to elections in France and Germany, and several significant market access milestones – all of which you can read about in this month’s PME – 2017 promises to be quite the year of change.

• Read the January 2017 issue of PME in full online


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