Employee engagement and nurturing talent in pharma

PME Pharmaceutical Market Europe March 2017

You won’t generally find PME issues following a particular theme each month – there’s simply too much interesting ground to cover in the magazine for that.

Nevertheless, as each issue coalesces there are often common strands across different features and such seemed the case with March’s PME, which contains a nice chunk of ‘careers’ content. 

Leading this is a look at employee engagement and its crucial role in attracting and retaining talent – something that, for those companies that get it right, offerings significant rewards in terms of productive and motivated teams.

Delving deeper into the topic, the issue also features tips fromVirgo Health’s award-winning employee engagement work for Roche UK, with a project that harnessed the pharma company’s pipeline strength to create ambassadors for its vision.

Adding further to the theme is a look at interim management, and ten considerations for senior executives looking for a career change away from permanent roles.

Elsewhere in this month’s issue we pick apart myths of multichannel excellence, an area in which pharma seemingly still has much work to do as companies wrestle with slow digital transformation processes and stagnating levels of digital satisfaction and digital marketing budgets.

We also hear from Gabriel Baertschi, the new CEO at Grünenthal, about his company’s pursuit of innovation in the field of pain relief.

View the March 2017 issue of PME online


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