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It’s not social media anymore, it’s ‘high-impact eyewitness media’.

That’s according to the Associated Press (AP), which earlier this month outlined how it would augment its newswire services with user-generated social media content.

The AP Social Newswire will provide a feed of social media posts that have been vetted and verified by AP editors, adding a new element to the collaboration it’s had since 2015 with social media monitoring platform SAM, in which it’s also takend an equity stake.

Jim Kennedy, AP senior vice president for strategic planning, said: “The AP Social Newswire allows customers to benefit from AP’s expertise in verifying user generated content (UGC), helping them sort out the real from the fake.

“Together with SAM, we are able to offer a powerful combination of content and technology to help newsrooms navigate the flood of photo and videos being shared across social media, especially in breaking news situations.”

The new tool will allow AP customers to view multiple feeds and monitor the process by which its editors find, manage and publish UGC. They will also have the ability to fully and seamlessly integrate UGC into their stories through embed codes.

Where it differs from the likes of Storyful – often used for background or feedback for a story – is that AP’s Social Newswire will also show how it works in this area, providing real-time access to the new agency’s UCG verification process, in the help that it will also help sort real news from fake.

AP Social Media Editor Eric Carvin explained: “Our UGC experts around the world use SAM to find, track, verify and collaborate around social content. The AP Social Newswire offers a window into that work – what we’re looking for, what we’ve found, and what we’ve authenticated or debunked.”

Meanwhile, with social media a long-established news source for journalists and commentators pondering what is news in the 21st century, news organisations from Reuters to the BBC offer tips for being a journalist in the social media age.


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