Keeping pace

PME Pharmaceutical Market Europe June 2017

It was a bumper issue of PME this month as we encompassed creativity, communications and consumerism, and tackled different strands of how pharma looks to reach and engage with its stakeholders.

On an industry level the German pharma market looks set for stable, if not strong, growth over the next four years, but it’s clearly anyone’s guess what will happen over that timeframe to the UK’s political landscape, and how that will in turn affect the industry.

What we can say with certainty is that European regulators aren’t waiting for the region’s politicians to thrash out a deal on the post-Brexit landscape. Instead the last month has seen concrete developments in the future shape of the regulatory environment, with a set of guidance now available, and – more recently – a delay to deciding the new location of the EMA.

June’s PME also takes a look in the rear view mirror to check out how pharmaceutical products have fared with this continent’s regulators as compared to their US counterparts. The signs are that Europe is holding up well, with no drop in approval rates seen on this side of the pond and unsurprisingly it’s both oncology and big pharma that have dominated over the last four years.

Pharma digital disruption

Meanwhile, our Digital Disruption supplement covered an area where, as LEO Innovation Lab CEO Kristian Hart-Hansen notes, “the structure of our industry and the needs of our patients are now evolving at a much faster rate than they ever have before”.

From Philips’ Prof Jan Kimpen on the future direction of travel to BenevolentBio’s chief medical officer on how AI is transforming R&D, the supplement looks too at how pharma is keeping up with the pace of change.

View the June 2017 issue of PME and Digital Disruption supplement online


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