Getting digitally sick about pharma and digital health

Digitally Sick Alex Butler Faisal Ahmed Kai Gait Becky Sarson Dominic Tyer pharma digital health

Has pharma’s use of digital fully matured, what has it achieved over the last 10 years and what might the future hold for the industry?

Those were the questions tackled by the latest Digitally Sick podcast, on which I made a guest appearance alongside regulars Alex Butler, Faisal Ahmed, Kai Gait and Becky Sarson.I’ve been been covering the pharmaceutical industry’s application of digital technology for over a decade, so it was a great opportunity to look back over that time and take a guess at what’s coming next as ‘digital’ in all its varieties continues to evolve.

From my observer’s perspective the pharmaceutical industry has already come on in leaps and bounds.

Though that’s a statement that must come with the caveat that following digital pharma on a global scale has given me enough examples from different companies and countries to hide the obvious challenges individual companies faced, and still face, in getting initiatives signed off.

As to whether pharma is fully mature in digital, it’s healthier to assume no one ever really is and to instead press on with constantly learning and improving.

Listen to the latest Digitally Sick podcast

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