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Millennial make their own language for digital communication

Millennial teenager mobile communication lanaguage

Once upon a time, language was simple. First ‘good’ was good. Then ‘bad’ was good, and then good was ‘wicked’.

Somewhere along the line good became ‘sick’, but long before that I realised I was too old to keep up.

Now young people’s approach to language appears to have entered a whole new evolutionary era. Read the rest of this entry »


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The antimicrobial resistance threat and the potential of the human microbiome

Antimicrobial AMR resistance_CommBeBiz photo competition

Earlier this year a media roundtable event in London laid bare the all too real, and hydra-headed, threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) returning us to the dark ages of medicine.

Despite nearly two decades as a pharmaceutical journalist I’ve generally managed to avoid developing any hypochondriac tendencies.

But Getting Things Done To Tackle Superbugs and the scale and complexity of the issues it outlined really gave me pause for thought. Not least when the $2bn invested in AMR research was acknowledged to be inadequate to tackle ‘a silent killer that threatens millions’. Read the rest of this entry »

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How much ‘screen time’ should kids have? (And is social media bad for their health?)

Kids social media use screen time

There are many, many joys to being a parent, but trying to police your children’s ‘screen time’ is, it’s fair to say, not one of them.

As they move seamlessly from television to smartphone to tablet to laptop (and, given half a chance, back again), what started out as being cute has accelerated into a never-ending quest to find that sweet-spot where you don’t feel they’re spending all their time in front of a screen.

Add social media to the mix as they get older and it’s even more of a minefield, as age limitations are circumvented and duplicate accounts created in a bid to fool parents. Read the rest of this entry »

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Reuters launches publishing ‘community’

Reuters online publishing and broadcasting community

Reuters has launched an online community for those in publishing and broadcasting. Free to join, the aptly-named Reuters Community will offer industry insights, research, advice and complimentary access to industry events.

That said, it’s not a community in the sense of anything especially social, but it does bring to the table a wealth of resources for those in publishing and communications, not least by collecting some of the excellent outputs from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

In addition to that there’s a wealth of insider views on topics such as digital strategy, data-driven transformation and the ubiquity of podcasts.


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Digital Music roundup: Facebook, Napster, SoundCloud, streaming music growth

Facebook digital music

Facebook adds new music deals, Napster partners on smart soundbar, SoundCloud denies quality loss, UK and US streaming market growth

Facebook has followed up on its recent a rights deal with UMG, with a spree of further deals, this time with music publishers Sony/ATV, Global Music Rights, SESAC’s HFA/Rumblefish and Kobalt Music Publishing. Covering Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Oculus, the agreements cover areas such as music use within user-generated content, as well as more ways to “be your favourite artist’s biggest and best groupie”.
Read the rest of this entry »

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Going local – Facebook and Google re-think news that’s near you

Going local - Facebook and Google re-think news that's near you

Local newspapers may soon be in line for a boost from an unlikely source, after Facebook decided to place greater prominence on local news even though it’s downgrading other Page content.

The social network recently de-prioritised news – and posts from seemingly any other Facebook Pages – from the newsfeed in favour of posts from friends.

But in something of an apparent volte face it will now also have a focus on “topics that have a direct impact on you and your community”, as head of news product Alex Hardiman and head of news partnerships Campbell Brown put it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Art selfie app sees Google Arts & Culture go viral

Google Arts Culture Selfie matching app web

Google has done some amazing work in arts and culture, offering virtual access to some of the world’s greatest museums, art galleries and historical sites.

From the Musée d’Orsay in Paris to Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, they’re all available to explore online.

But the company, which says it’s always looking for new and creative ways to connect people with arts and culture, appears to have a masterpiece of its own on its hands. Read the rest of this entry »

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