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Google continues to up its translation game

Google Word Lens online language translation app

I’ve been learning Bengali off and on for over ten years now and am, unsurprisingly, always on the look-out for digital tools to help me with the language.

Despite it being the seventh most spoken language in the world, it’s not the easiest task, with on- and offline Bengali resources being few and far between.

So, although it’s probably years away from being available in my chosen language, I was nonetheless taken by the recent expansion of Google Translate’s Word Lens to Japanese. Read the rest of this entry »


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Forget social media and Plus, Google truly impresses as a tools company

Google Translate iPhone app Kannada TamilThis week Google opened up its new-ish social network to companies and brands, prompting a minor stampede as businesses rushed to set up Google+ pages.

Just as quickly there seemed to follow numerous variations on the question ‘what do you want to see from us here?’.

It’s too early of course to say if allowing the likes of Angry BirdsThe Muppets and WWE on to Google+ will mark the next step in the network’s bid to be the new Facebook. Read the rest of this entry »

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Google – doing good with languages

Google Transliteration BengaliFor some time now Google has been making a determined effort to increase online access to languages.

Just last week it added the ‘underrepresented’ language Zulu to its Voice Search application, taking another step forward in the area, the like of which you don’t see from other companies.

Personally, the tools I’ve been most appreciative of are those for writing and translating Bengali, a language I’ve been learning for a few years now. Read the rest of this entry »

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