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A cheery tale on the darker side of business travel

London view sky above aeroplane

Travelling for work can certainly be fun as you jet off to cities you might not otherwise visit, but it’s not always quite as glamorous as friends and family believe.

It can also be a bit of a slog, particularly when you find yourself on a day trip to from London to Frankfurt, Geneva, Basel or Paris (delete as appropriate). And that’s before flights are delayed, luggage gets lost and so on.

None of this will be news to those that travel frequently for business. Neither perhaps will be the personal and social consequences, as illustrated by the University of Surrey’s 2015 study A Darker Side of Hypermobility. Read the rest of this entry »


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Dial ম for Mishti Doi Man

I love these Indian super hero snack characters, created to steer Indians away from their growing appetite for Western junk food and back towards traditional snacks and sweets.

Whether, in a country with 66.8 million cases of diabetes last year, they could be better employed in raising awareness on the importance of healthy eating and its role in preventing, or effectively managing, type 2 diabetes is another matter.

In the meantime the likes of Laddoo Boy, Jalebi Woman and Mishti Doi Man, created by Rajkamal Aich, certainly succeed in making me hungry.

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Oh the horror

An engaging, Halloween-themed tweet from Innocent Drinks – whose modern horror ‘pumkinspiration’ tweets also feature a wi-fi down pumpkin.

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Do you want to make sense of data?

From leaks to mis-communicated projects to much-discussed ideas, data is rarely out of the news at the moment.

Against this backdrop Google has set up new online course, Making Sense of Data, that it says is “intended for anyone who wants to learn more about how to structure, visualise, and manipulate data”. Read the rest of this entry »


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Not every screen needs to be touched

Non-touchscreen screen

If proof were needed that more and more of us have screens we tap, pinch and scroll, last week’s six-fold profit rise at touchscreen chip firm Synaptics would be a good indicator.

Touch screens have raised the bar for our expectations of technology, fitting neatly into a lineage of pause-able live TV and entire record collections that fit in your hand, but it’s good to remember that not every screen needs to be touched.


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Feedly as a Google Reader alternative

Google Reader RSS alternativesIn the first 48 hours since the recent announcement from Google that it would close its Google Reader service on 1 July Feedly claims more than 500,000 users of the suddenly-doomed RSS reader signed up to its service.

It would certainly account for the occasional slowness of the Feedly app, though it seems pretty much back to normal now.

Having found Feedly earlier this year in a bid to make it easier to access my Google Reader subscriptions I may inadvertently have found its replacement.

I’d already dismissed Summly (complicated, not intuitive – though clearly lucrative), Taptu (‘DJ your news’ … seriously!) and. for my work feeds at least, Flipboard (though it has a lovely interface).

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The world of online communities

The world of social communities

Click on map for a larger view

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