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Slower speeds for faster growth as online firms continue adapting to India’s mobile market

World Bank cellphone mobile India

Community meeting in Aurangabad, India (Pic: World Bank)

To describe the growth of the internet in India as explosive probably downplays the rate of change taking place.

Every second three more Indians come online for the first time, adding another 10,000 people every hour to the country’s online user base.

So it’s no surprise that internet firms – particularly those of a social nature – are working hard to overcome barriers to access that range from low-powered phones to 2G connections to very little data. Read the rest of this entry »


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Looking like a true survivor?


Predictions of the death of print have been around for while, but there’s nothing like walking into a really well-stocked newsagents to make you consider the medium anew.

As newspapers like the New York Times take a leaf out of the magazine playbook and indie-published titles flourish, it’s no wonder there are suggestions 2017 could mark another turning point in print’s fortunes. Read the rest of this entry »

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The BIA’s Steve Bates and Pfizer’s Man MOT (PME February 2013)

PME_February_2013The new issue of PME (Pharmaceutical Market Europe) was out last week and with it my interview with the BIA’s chief executive Steve Bates.

His great analogy of pharma-biotech relations in the 1990s being ‘a bit Blur and Oasis‘ didn’t make it into the feature, but there was plenty of room to focus on the ecosystem pharma and biotech share nowadays, the state of UK biotech and the sector’s funding challenges.

This month’s Digital Intelligence column looked at a rare example of a pharma campaign with a definite exit strategy in the shape of Pfizer’s Man MOT online male health clinic, a campaign I’ve covered right from its early pilot stages.

In contrast to the interview the column did have room for a couple of musical references, Radiohead in the headline and a short Leonard Cohen misquotation at the end.

• Read the February 2013 issue of PME

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