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Building trust to defeat fake news

Fake News Chicago Trump Tower Beau Rogers

Every day some 50,000 web pages come online, offering a smorgasbord of information to consume, but when it comes to news do people really want to know what’s behind the stories they read online?

The Trust Project is hoping they do and recently launched digital standards to show things like who wrote a story, whether it’s news or opinion and who owns the site publishing it.

The Project, a consortia that includes the likes of The Economist, The Washington Post and 75 other news organisations, as well as online giants like Google and Facebook, hope it will raise the profile of quality journalism. Read the rest of this entry »


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Not social, just media

Citizen journalism user generated content social media

It’s not social media anymore, it’s ‘high-impact eyewitness media’.

That’s according to the Associated Press (AP), which earlier this month outlined how it would augment its newswire services with user-generated social media content.

The AP Social Newswire will provide a feed of social media posts that have been vetted and verified by AP editors, adding a new element to the collaboration it’s had since 2015 with social media monitoring platform SAM, in which it’s also takend an equity stake. Read the rest of this entry »

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Want to know what the BBC teaches its journalists?

BBC World

You can now see what the BBC teaches its journalists thanks to the Corporation’s recent decision to offer free global access to the BBC Academy College of Journalism website.

Previously only freely available within the UK, the site offers pointers on developing a social media strategy, online journalism tips and how-to guides on things like smartphone journalism: Read the rest of this entry »

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Twitter produces a guide for journalists

Twitter for journalists

Deciding there’s no harm in preaching to the choir Twitter last week made a push to get more journalists to use its service.

The micro-blogging service is already heavily used by news services and journalists, but naturally wants to extend its reach and hopes Twitter for Newsrooms, or #TfN, will do the trick.

At this stage of Twitter’s growth it’s unlikely to win over those unconvinced of its merits, but it still stands as a useful primer to those starting out and as a revision guide for more seasoned hands. Read the rest of this entry »

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Facebook courts journalists

Journalists on Facebook page

Facebook wants more journalists to use its social network and has put together a guide explaining how they can get started.

Whether it can lure journalists away Twitter with the offer of sharing ‘best practices’ is unlikely, but Facebook has a rather more direct hook up its sleeve.

“Reach your readers directly on Facebook, an audience of more than 500 million people around the world,” the new Journalists On Facebook page boasts. Read the rest of this entry »

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