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Slower speeds for faster growth as online firms continue adapting to India’s mobile market

World Bank cellphone mobile India

Community meeting in Aurangabad, India (Pic: World Bank)

To describe the growth of the internet in India as explosive probably downplays the rate of change taking place.

Every second three more Indians come online for the first time, adding another 10,000 people every hour to the country’s online user base.

So it’s no surprise that internet firms – particularly those of a social nature – are working hard to overcome barriers to access that range from low-powered phones to 2G connections to very little data. Read the rest of this entry »


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Health apps – bringing order to chaos?

PME_Pharmaceutical_Market_Europe_April_2013There’s rarely a shortage of mobile health news these days, but a couple of developments over the last month transcended the general noise about mHealth.

A new NHS online library of health apps and promises from the US FDA that guidance on medical smartphone apps will arrive before the end of this year threaten, as my column in the April issue of PME put it, to bring some order to the chaos of mHealth apps.

That said, initiatives like the NHS library, Happtique’s mobile app certification programme, Apple’s new lists of apps for healthcare professionals and my own pharma mobile app listing in the Digital Handbook, to name but a few, could soon have us asking who will curate the curators.

Elsewhere the April issue’s features included an interview with Novo Nordisk’s Peter Meeus and an engaging look at some emerging models for pharmaceutical businesses.

Read April’s PME online

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Digital Intelligence in PME, June 2012

PME Pharmaceutical Market Europe June digital blogJune’s PME has been out for a while now so it’s about time I cover my Digital Intelligence blog, which this month leads with the first pharma trade press coverage of the ABPI’s digital working group (ABPI forms new group to help pharma with digital communications).

There’s also a look at a study showing how sending patients text message reminders to take their medicine provided a significant boost to adherence  (Text messaging increases medication adherence).

Then there are mentions in print too for new digital marketing initiatives from Pfizer for Liptor, UCB and Eisai, and US stats on doctors’ use of iPads and smartphones.

• Read June’s PME in full online

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Digital Handbook for pharma

Digital Handbook pharma marketersAt the risk of repeating myself, which I will be if you read my Digital Intelligence blog today, the Digital Handbook I wrote is out now.

You can download the print issue here, but the content is also available in a new section of Here you will also find a comprehensive pharma social media directory and the most up to date listing of pharma mobile apps available.

Also out in the last few weeks or so was April’s PME, and this month’s articles in the print version of the Digital Intelligence blog covered Janssen UK’s Facebook page closure, Boehringer’s ‘gamification’ twist to clinical research and government cost estimates for tele-health. The stories, and the rest of April’s PME, can be viewed online here.

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