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Digital music roundup: SoundCloud, Pandora, Twitter, eMusic and Spotify


SoundCloud staff reductions cut deep, Twitter strikes live-streaming deal with Live Nation, Pandora slims down its operations, internet music pioneer eMusic relaunches and Spotify defends itself from ‘fake artist’ accusations.

SoundCloud has cut 40% of its staff in a defensive move to protect its independence within an increasingly tough online music market. The decision comes despite doubling its revenue in the last 12 months, but co-founder Alex Ljung said that, alongside the cost-cutting, further growth is needed from its advertising and subscription revenue streams. Less than a week after that announcement Ljung was forced to put out a statement saying ‘SoundCloud is here to stay’. Read the rest of this entry »


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Digital music roundup: Spotify, US streaming market, Samsung music, Neil Young and Gorillaz


In this digital music roundup – the first in a possible series: Spotify’s paywall, the US streaming market, Samsung and Google Play Music, Neil Young’s new streaming service Xstream and two augmented reality apps from Gorillaz (pictured above)

Spotify will allow labels to put new albums behind a two-week ‘paywall’, during which time they will only be available to the streaming service’s paying users. It concluded separate deals with digital rights agency Merlin, which negotiates on behalf of thousands of indies – including Sub Pop, Epitaph and Domino, and Universal Music Group (UMG). The flexible release policy also provides “unprecedented access to data, creating the foundation for new tools for artists and labels to expand, engage and build deeper connections with their fans”. Read the rest of this entry »

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We7 moves on (again)


Pity poor We7. First the UK-based streaming music service was aiming, not entirely unsuccessfully, to be a browser-based Spotify, then it shifted to something more akin to, and now it’s moving on again.

Or more accurately, Tesco has decided to subsume the company into its online film and TV download and streaming brand Blinkbox, nearly a year after taking a majority stake in the company for £10.9m. Read the rest of this entry »

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Embedding music into the online experience

Today’s deal between Spotify and The Guardian further embeds music into the online experience.

The companies’ new app allows users to listen to an album through the music streaming company’s service while reading the newspaper’s review of it.

In truth it would seem like you could always use Spotify in this way, the app just draws a clearer line between the two. Read the rest of this entry »

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We7 bets on a future in personalised radio

We7 changesUK digital music company We7 abandoned its free streaming music service this week to concentrate on its personalised internet radio.

This allows it to offer ‘stations’ based on an initial choice of artist, genre or song, and in an email to users We7 styled itself as “your free and easy Personal DJ”.

Putting aside fears you may not want your personal DJ to be “free and easy”, We7 has increasingly been heading in this direction over the last few months as it sought to raise the profile of its radio service. Read the rest of this entry »

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Spotify continues the online music revolution


Photo by Rsms ( some rights reserved

Since the late ‘90s online music has been characterised by technology companies revolutionising the landscape while the record industry struggles to comprehend the changes and the damage done.

Napster, mp3 blogs, Apple, MySpace and YouTube have all left their mark, some with a more lasting impact than others.

This year it’s shaping up to be the turn of online streaming and radio services, as they step up their pitch for the money in your pocket and a bigger slice of the action than ever before. Read the rest of this entry »

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