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UberMedia's Twitter Blackberry app UberSocial


Twitter has decided that while a thriving eco-system of third party apps may have done wonders for the uptake of its service, there comes a point when putting the upstarts in their place is necessary.

The first to suffer from the company’s harder line was UberMedia, which controls 20% of all tweets through a stable of mobile apps that includes Tweetdeck, Echofon, UberTwitter and Twidroyd. It was the last two of these that incurred Twitter’s wrath and lost access to the service for four days.

They returned after a short blackout last weekend (with UberTwitter now the brand name-respecting UberSocial), but UberMedia’s UberCurrent app remains offline. Clearly a sign of things to come, just days later the TwapperKeeper app (whose name begs the question: when do the prizes for awful app names get given out) cut a number of features to remain in Twitter’s good graces after the service ‘requested’ some changes. Read the rest of this entry »


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