Want to know what the BBC teaches its journalists?

BBC World

You can now see what the BBC teaches its journalists thanks to the Corporation’s recent decision to offer free global access to the BBC Academy College of Journalism website.

Previously only freely available within the UK, the site offers pointers on developing a social media strategy, online journalism tips and how-to guides on things like smartphone journalism: Read the rest of this entry »

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The US Sunshine Act, diabetes in China and Allergan interviewed

Pharmaceutical Market Europe PME June 2014In this month’s PME, out this week in both its print and online forms, we speak to Allergan’s Paul Navarre and Paul Boland for our lead interview and hear how they’re creating a culture of growth.

The June issue also takes a look at the Sunshine Act and finds that the US legislation’s implications are anything but clear for European pharma, and there are features on diabetes marketing, communications and commercial relationships in China and the consumerisation of mHealth.

There’s also a look at the emergence of cancer immunotherapies in our regular pipeline feature and an introduction to our forthcoming collaboration with European healthcare communications group the HCC.

• Read the June 2014 issue of PME in full online

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British Pathé and the historic newsreel brand’s digital future on YouTube

Bringing new meaning to content overload British Pathé recently uploaded its entire archive of historic news real footage, some 85,000 films in total, to YouTube.

The move last month proved a boon to the local UK press (with plenty of variations on this ‘historic Sutton Coldfield videos‘ story appearing), not to mention students of everything from the Cold War to the British Invasion. Read the rest of this entry »

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Digital disruption, AMNOG and cancer drugs, AZ and its pipeline and more

PME Pharmaceutical Market Europe May 2014Taking aim at digital disruption to pharma the May issue of PME was out this week in both its print and online incarnations.

The issue also featured an exclusive interview with AstraZeneca’s VP of oncology Susan Galbraith who talked about the company’s pipeline prospects – a topic that shortly after the interview was conducted took on added significance. Read the rest of this entry »

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Healthy offline bookmarks


Cheap, simple and well-thought out. These (offline) bookmarks, used to promote health services in my local library, struck me as a great way to reach a potentially important segment of your audience and provide them with something they might hold on to.

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Twitter supersizes profiles with new design

Twitter new profile Pharmaceutical Market Europe PME

I tend to forget Twitter.com exists as a destination website, so heavily embedded in my daily routine is my mobile, Hootsuite-enabled use of the social network.

But the website is hitting the news today thanks the updated profile designs it’s started to roll out. Read the rest of this entry »

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The new market reality, multichannel marketing and pharma’s biggest brands

PME Pharmaceutical Market Europe April 2014Closing an issue of the magazine the day your youngest son wakes at 4am with growing pains and can’t get back to sleep is not necessarily to be recommended, but we got there in the end and put together another good looking issue.

This month’s PME (Pharmaceutical Market Europe) features an exclusive interview with MSD’s president, Europe and Canada Bruno Strigini on pharma’s new market reality.

We also spoke with Janssen’s company group chairman responsible for the EMEA region Jane Griffiths and EFPIA’s chairman Richard Bergstrom on how they would like the industry to be seen. Read the rest of this entry »

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